Bird photography workshops

Bird photography workshops

There are lots of opportunities to photograph birds around Lanarkshire, we have a very bird rich habitat from the hills around Tinto to the gorges in New Lanark.

This blog features the European Eagle Owl, the Peregine Falcon and the African Spotted Eagle Owl a small selection of birds that are available to photograph at our summer workshops.

Bird photography workshops
European long eared owl

Taking photographs of our feathered friends is simple enough, just get close and wait until you see an interesting photo and press the shutter its that simple or is it!

Bird photography workshops
Perigrine Falcon


Birds by their very nature survive by avoiding being caught unaware, predators are always around so birds have developed a survival strategy and we suffer from this which makes bird photography extremely challenging but that’s partly the reason we want to try to photograph them. Photographers like challenges, it make us feel we have achieved something, worked hard and have been rewarded.

Zoos and bird gardens are a wonderful opportunity to capture more exotic birds and present opportunities to get in close even with wire often separating us from our subject. But when you want to be wire free the chances if flying birds is severely diminished we are restricted to birds that are either flightless or restricted in someway.

Bird photography workshops
European Long Eared Owl


Falconry shows are great for photographing these magnificent birds and the views are usually unobstructed but distance becomes the limiting factor, of course a good long reaching telephoto lens solves this issue it’s not always the best solution, it’s when you can get up close and personal you find the interesting angles and can see the details in the birds. Gaining access during a show or demonstration is usually not an option, yes there will be occasions when you have a good view and run off a few shots which is good.

Bird photography workshops
African Spotted Eagle Owl


When you really want to have access to birds at close quarters you need to have someone who can facilitate you, giving you unrestricted access and guidance in how to capture these magnificent birds safely.

I run small hands on workshops most weeks, these are mini sessions usually for one hour, the groups are restricted to four so everyone has the opportunity to photograph the birds during the workshop.

During the summer months these workshops are run in the late afternooon and early evening before the birds settle. The weather plays a vital part in these workshops, rain, wind and sunshine all bring unique opportunities to capture a really special shot, this is what we really want a winning image. If you want to get involved in phototographing birds around Lanarkshire my workshops are a great place to start, all levels of photographer from smartphones, point and shoot to dslrs are welcome it’s the experience of being close to the birds that brings a new level of photography.

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