Bird photography workshops

Bird photography workshops There are lots of opportunities to photograph birds around Lanarkshire, we have a very bird rich habitat from the hills around Tinto to the gorges in New Lanark. This blog f... Read More

Photo walks can help improve your photography

We all enjoy photo walks even if we only have our phone with us photo walks can help improve your photography why not give it a go. Photo walks around Lanark, the woodlands, Loch, the clydewalkway, Ne... Read More

Daylight long exposure photography

Daylight long exposure photography I often get asked what I use for my daylight long exposure photography. I’m a Lee Filters fan I’ve used these for what seems like forever, I have never t... Read More

Why attend a photography workshop

Why attend a photography workshop ? Why attend a photography workshop other than a fun day out with your camera, there are major benefits for a photographer who is looking to practice and extend their... Read More

Closeup raptor portraits

Closeup raptor┬áportraits Closeup raptor┬áportraits, this is where you can really see the bird’s character and is my personal favourite type of bird photograph. Creating a portrait with characte... Read More

Birds inflight photography

Birds inflight Photography Birds inflight photography is the most challenging of our patience, skills and developing techniques. It’s the devotement of techniques that give photographers the bes... Read More