Closeup raptor portraits

Closeup raptor portraits

Closeup raptor portraits eagles
Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos
Closeup raptor portraits
European Kestrel – Falco tinnunfculus

Closeup raptor portraits, this is where you can really see the bird’s character and is my personal favourite type of bird photograph. Creating a portrait with character isn’t the same as a portrait shot if you think of a passport verses a character portrait, we want the personality to show through.

This eagle is sitting in the rain it’s transfixed not on the camera but on something else the intensity of the stare you can imagine it is scanning the horizon for something. This is part of the story telling we get with character portraits.

There are many techniques to capture an image like this, you can use a telephoto lens or go in really close with a macro lens it all depends on how close you can safely get to your subject.

Closeup raptor portraits eagles
Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis

This Steppe Eagle doesn’t look very happy, his frills are raised he is staring right into the lens, his eyes tell you he is serious and don’t come any closer. It is shot like this you can only get when the bird isn’t distracted by others you are on a one to one with him, our workshops let you have the tie to work with a bird of this calibre undistracted and pushing your skills.

In Closeup raptor portrait photography we have the ability to remove distracting elements and fill the frame, every pixel counts in these shots the step eagle has a 3000x2000px image for you to see simply click the image.

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Closeup raptor portraits

If you would like to attend a bird of prey closeup raptor portraits photography workshop session we run regular week days sessions with owls, hawks, kestrels and the peregrine. These sessions are on a restricted number of attendees and are suitable for beginner and proficient bird photographers who want to achieve photographs in a close environment. If you are new to this type of photography we recommend our workshops where we take you through the whole process of photographing static and birds on the wing.

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