Why attend a photography workshop

Why attend a photography workshop
Why attend a photography workshop

Why attend a photography workshop ?

Why attend a photography workshop other than a fun day out with your camera, there are major benefits for a photographer who is looking to practice and extend their personal knowledge through practical training.

The internet is a wealth of mostly free information, you can read about anything photography related, the abundance of quality tutorial and YouTube videos makes learning a simple process now. One thing it cannot do is give you personal practical experience for that you need to take your camera to a location and hope to find interesting content to photograph.

The training ground to become a better photographer.

The practical aspect is the reason for the workshops I run, it’s a training ground, a place where you can practice the tips you have learned, a place where you are guaranteed the opportunity to capture incredible photographs.

I often compare workshops to training grounds for athletes it’s about practice practice practice for the real event. There’s little time to learn when on a real challenge missed opportunities, not obtaining you goals and feeling you could have done better. It’s not about winning, it is about gaining the best from your photography experience, our expeditions put you out in wilds with opportunities that may only occur for a few moments missing them isn’t what I call success, practice makes perfect but practice with the same subject material is rarely available.

The workshops I run place you in a prime position to refine your techniques, to achieve shots that you could only dream of, to enjoy your photography to the full.

Making judgement calls on new purchases

When it comes to investing in new equipment having tried the equipment gives you the power to make the right purchase decision, it is easy to imaging what you want, need and long for but when in a practical situation you can take your skills to another level using what you currently own, see where the shortfalls lay and understand what you can do or need to progress to the next level.

Enjoyment from your photography

It isn’t always about being better or the best it can simply be enjoyment from your photography, you work all week and want to do some photography at the weekend, it’s the British way of life, it’s recreational, its a chance to meet other like minded people it is fun and regenerates you for the week ahead.

Owing great cameras and lenses is only part of the fun, taking great photographs is fun, living your dream is fun a workshop bringing all these together is fun.

The great outdoors.

Why attend a photography workshop

Its a great present to yourself, a friend or loved one to book a workshop or buy a workshop place for someone visit the workshop shop

If you have a question just leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it.

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