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Workshops expeditions tours and training for photographers.

There is nothing better than a hands on experience when it comes to improving your photography expertise, being at one with your subject under the guiding hand of a professional, our workshops focus on practical opportunities to help you develop your skills, to enjoy your photography and network with like minded people this makes our workshops different.

Finding suitable subjects to photograph involves a lot of research and most likely travel, there is also uncertainly your intended subjects my not be there on the day, with a workshop these factors are removed. Workshops give you time to practice, to perfect your skills, to interact with like minded people and learn first hand from experts.

Where in the wild the distance between you and your subjects tends to be much greater, this means longer lenses, with a workshop you are in close proximity which allows the use of much shorter focal lengths, it gives you confidence and can help you in future spending decisions.

A workshop lets you try bird photography, it is accessible to everyone and as a training ground it prepares you for expeditions where every tip and technique comes into play, it’s the tournament and practice is important if you want success.

We can offer Canon lens rental for expeditions and certain workshops, hire must be pre-arranged when booking. Hires for individuals or to share EF300mm f/2.8 IS II USM | EF400mm f/2.8L IS II USM | EF500mm f/4L IS II USM | EF600mm f/4L IS II USM please message for costs or Nikon lenses.

We are currently planning our 2017 photography expeditions, these will be in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, if you are interested in participating please drop us a message and we will keep you up dated.

We resume our local area field trips in September, flying the birds of prey on the Tinto Hill moorlands.


Raptor photography workshops Scotland – an opportunity to experience the energy of our workshops, where you are able to capture amazing images of birds of prey in the wonderful Scottish landscape. Nothing comes between you and the birds, learn about portraiture, action shots and master the in flight opportunities of the Peregrine Falcons.


Private 121 training courses are available to cover technical aspects of photography, practical field work, long exposure, of camera flash and developing your style, we also offer bespoke training tailored to suit your needs.

Field trips

A day workshop in the surroundings of one of Scotland’s most photogenic areas, work with the handlers taking portraits, action shots and an in flight where you can try to capture the fastest raptor on the wing.


We organise photography expeditions, this winter we have a two day photographic expedition on the Isle of Arran, the expedition is limited to 8 attendees with opportunities for spectacular photographs of Golden Eagles hunting hare on the mountains. Of course there are wonderful opportunities for portraits, action shots and an in flight where you can try to capture the fastest raptor on the wing.

Lens rental is available for this expedition

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